K2 Solutions Awarded Research Contract for Canine IED Detection

The U.S. Army has announced intentions to award a contract to K2 Solutions Inc. for continued research and development efforts of off-leash detection capabilities of canines.

Military working dog systems developed in the recent combat activities in Afghanistan and Iraq have demonstrated new opportunities and gaps in the use of military working dogs for security and tactical operations.

The focus of this effort will be to further the efforts conducted under contract M67854-11-C-3015. The U.S. Army and U.S. Army Research Office, and Military Working Dog Programs have strategic needs in support of advancing the capability, training, science and technology, and analysis of using military working dogs for the fight against terrorism.

The requirements in this effort are directly relevant to enhancing capabilities developed in the IED Defeat Dog program at K2 Solutions and leveraging into new research and development programs now that those efforts have ended.

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