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Aberdeen Test Center (ATC)

U.S. Army
Work 400 Colleran Road Aberdeen Proving Ground MD 21010 United States Work Phone: 410-278-4639 Website: Aberdeen Test Center


Aberdeen Test Center (ATC), located on Aberdeen Providing Ground in Maryland, provides a full range of test services to the Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, federal, state and local governments, academia, private industry, and allied foreign governments.

As a designated Federal Laboratory, the ATC participates in technology transfer and dual-use partnership initiatives with industry. ATC can subject an item to a full range of tests from concept evaluation and research prototypes through Rapid Fielding Initiatives. ATC test services may be acquired either through federal interagency reimbursable fund transfers, simple contracts, or Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs).

Specialized facilities at ATC include:

  • Water Purification Test Facility
  • Rain Test Facility (to test garments or equipment in wet and high wind simulated environments)
  • Joint Warfighter Range Complex (70,000 terraqueous acres and shoreline with real-time meteorological support and open air ranges for chembio simulant scenarios)
  • Electromagnetic Interference Test Facility (which delivers high degrees and ranges of attenuation to test equipment systems and subsystems against controlled electromagnetic military standards)
  • Clothing and Individual Equipment Test Areas (test for human factors, flammability, chemical compatibility, heat transfer, infrared, durability, etc)
  • Toxic Fumes and Field Testing (Chemistry)
  • Health Physics Team and Radiochemistry Laboratory
  • Ultra-High-Speed Imaging
  • Environmental Chamber High Temperature-High Humidity (for equipment stability studies)
  • Rough Handling Testing
  • Climatic Simulation Facilities

ATC is the lead DoD test center for environmental mitigation technologies, nonlethal weapons, unmanned ground vehicles, transportability, vulnerability/lethality, automotive/tracked and wheeled, engineering equipment, direct-fire systems, shoulder-fired weapons, small arms systems, direct-fire weapons performance, emissions characterization, soldier systems, and littoral warfare.