Technical Support Analyst

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  • Washington, DC
  • Applications have closed
  • Active DOE Q or DOD Top Secret security clearance

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The Technical Support Analyst will support top-level management activities at the DOE/NNSA headquarters office for the NNSA Office of Defense Programs (NA-10). This full-time position is contingent upon contract award.


The Technical Support Analyst will perform a range of onsite activities related to the Nuclear Weapons Council (NWC) as part of a project performing technical, liaison, and analytical support to the client. Essential functions will include:

  • Assist the NWC Executive Action Officer and Onsite Technical Team Leader by providing technical support to the Office of Defense Programs senior staff for NWC activities.
  • Actively support all NWC-related activities under contract to the NNSA Administrator and Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs (DADP).
  • Assist with coordinating and submitting all reports and memorandums to the President and Congress that are approved and signed by the NNSA Administrator and/or Secretaries of Defense and Energy. (e.g. Joint Surety Report, Report on Stockpile Assessment, Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Plan/Requirements and Planning Document, NWC Strategic Plan, and Phase 6.X Procedural Guidelines)
  • Manage the storage, maintenance, and archiving of all NWC-related materials including classified/unclassified books, briefs, minutes, point papers, and reports.
  • Provide direct assistance to the Executive Assistants to the DADP and Principal Assistant Administrator for Military Application (PADAMA) in their roles as members of the NWCSSC.
  • Update the NWC calendar with information pertinent to future meetings. Update Outlook daily with the status of all NWC-specific correspondence (e.g. reports, letters, briefings).
  • Notify NNSA functional managers and subject matter experts of upcoming NWC meetings, events, and required actions.
  • Process KIOSK access requests for DOE/NNSA personnel with specific business in the Pentagon. Conduct routine follow-ups with OASD/NM on requests involving personnel attending meetings with security badge credentials at other NNSA locations.
  • Manage and control all classified information related to NWC (e.g. safe contents, records management reviews) collaborate with DOE Security (AU) and the Defense Programs Security Manager to ensure compliance with all DOE Security Directives.
  • Inventory the content of all NWC materials in the safe and on electronic media (SIPRNET and NESAN). Purge/properly destroy NWC files when no longer needed.
  • Update the spreadsheet in the NWC folder and encrypts all files.
  • All other duties as assigned.


  • Active DOE Q or DOD Top Secret security clearance
  • High School Diploma
  • 5+ years’ experience supporting programs related to nuclear security/nuclear weapons


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, management, or another technical field
  • Active DOE Q security clearance
  • 10+ years’ experience supporting programs related to nuclear security
  • Familiarity and experience with the NWC
  • Experience supporting the NA-10 Principal Deputy Administration and the PADAMA

Associate Assistant Deputy Administrator for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Arms Control